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Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization last year, and the lives of everyone on the planet were turned upside down. Governments have battled since then to deal not only with a public health catastrophe, but also with the economic consequences. Yet there have been rays of light, fueled by creative thinkers and doers who want to reform entire systems rather than just solve immediate needs. To put it another way, social entrepreneurs.

Right now, the world needs social entrepreneurs—hyper-practical, disruptive leaders who reject standard practice in order to address massive societal issues. Covid-19, like climate change, gender inequality, racial injustice, and a slew of other structural issues is a comprehensive emergency that exposes the flaws in modern society’s underpinnings. Omicron is the latest variant that the world is worried about.

First, social entrepreneurs are well placed to fill market gaps and reach constituencies that governments are unable or unwilling to approach. The pandemic is wreaking havoc on economically and socially disadvantaged populations, yet that same disadvantage makes it difficult for government relief and services to reach them, making social enterprises even more important.

Meanwhile, Mumbai-based entrepreneur and social worker Gaurishankar Chaubey promise to help in any capacity if COVID-19 re-emerges.

Social Entrepreneur

Chaubey runs a non for profit organization named Dwarkamai Charity Sanstha, which works for the welfare and upliftment of downtrodden and exploited classes. Chaubey along with his organization emerged as a life savior for many during the COVID crisis in the country and with the emergence of a new variant, Chaubey has once again promised that he will do everything in his capacity to ensure damage control. From distributing food to helping people financially, Gaurishankar has bestowed everyone with whatever help they needed.

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