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New Delhi: A debit card is an important instrument for your money. You should keep it safe. However, it is possible that you will lose it, or that you will discover that some financial transaction occurred on it that was not done by you. In that situation, you must act quickly to block your debit card. The State Bank of India (SBI) has posted a brief video on its Twitter handle that shows how to disable your SBI debit card. Not only that, but SBI has revealed the simple procedure for obtaining a replacement SBI debit card.

The most significant requirement for blocking an SBI debit card is your cell phone number. This number must also be associated with your SBI debit card and account. In short, the number must be registered with SBI and be linked to your SBI account. Otherwise, you’ll have to run to an SBI bank branch, wasting valuable time and energy.

An SBI debit card can be blocked in a straightforward manner; all you have to do is follow the bank’s instructions. To block an SBI debit card, the bank tweeted this notice on Twitter, “Here’s how you can block your Debit Card and reissue a new one via our toll-free IVR system. Just call 1800 1234.”

How to block SBI debit card: Two options
1. From your registered cellphone number, dial a toll-free number 1800 1234.
2. Block the SBI debit card by pressing zero.
3. You will get 2 options:
To block your card, press 1 and enter your registered mobile number and card number.
To block the card, press 2 and enter your registered phone number and account number.
4. Enter the last 5 numbers of the ATM card if you choose Press 1 to block your card using the registered mobile phone and card number.
5. Press 1 to confirm
6. Press 2 to re-enter the last 5 numbers of the barred ATM card.

After that, SBI will send you an SMS stating that your card has been successfully blocked. Your phone will receive a blocking confirmation message.

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