PS PARVESH SMART Plywood Folding Bed with Pillow Supported Bed Head (Bed Size 36″x72″)


PS PARVESH SMART. is make various types of folding beds. They used high quality of material. plywood folding bed is one of these beds. Material used – main frame – heavy iron pipe. frame painted with asian paint for smooth finish and to avoid corrosion. Bedhead board is laminated from both sides. These foldable beds offer smart space saving options for living rooms and bedrooms. They can be used anywhere and anytime by all Age groups by simply unfolding them whenever required. Features- 1. Includes centre leg support for more sturdiness 2. Simple mechanism to easily fold & unfold. Movement of one place to another is super comfortable with the help of castor wheels which also aids in easy folding of these bed

Durable and long lasting
well comfortable


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