Xtore® 12pcs 3D Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking Pad(Shimmer Golden)(Set of 12)

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Product Description

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        Xtore 12pcs 3D Metallic Finish Butterfly is a great Decor Item, whether its your Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Curtain or Even B'day Cakes, it blends well in the surrounding and gives a royal touch to your Home. It speaks on your behalf, putting a little you into your abode.This is a great DIY joy when you place these butterflies anywhere.The children always love butterflies. They often make out incredible works with the butterflies even better than you. This is a good way to develop the thinking ability and the practical ability of your children. Best Quality: Individually Packed and monitored to very high standards.

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    Super Detailed Laser Cut Design

        Superior Detailed Design comes with 24 Dot Glues for hassle free Mounting. Please clean the surface before pasting these butterflies

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    Product Features

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    Beautiful Home Decor

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        It Enhances your surroundings and gives it a Royal Touch

    Artistic family decoration

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        Superior Quality and easy to use makes it a perfect Gift Item for Every Occasion

    Mindful Shape and Size

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        Carefully thought out design with perfect Shape and Size to Intensify the beauty of your Home

    Double sided Glue Dots

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        Its Comes with 24 Glue dots to stick these butterflies wherever you want

Perfect design.each one is unique and beautiful,designed with adhesive sticker to help attach to the wall.
Awesome Decoration item , It has Metallic Finish Butterfly (made out of High Quality Craft paper) and will make your surrounding look Premium.
Premium Quality material – Durable and elegant.
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