MARINER’S CREATION® Buddha Head IDOLFOR Home Decor,Living Room,Bedroom,Office,House Warming Gift | Home Decor Accessories | SHOWPIECE for HOMR Decoration | Wedding Gift

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        Elegant Touch

        Reel in those compliments with the most eye-catching home decor pieces! Designed for anyone with discerning taste and a love for timeless decor, We accentuate your space with its rich elegant look. These idols will lend a warm charm to any living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

        Perfect Home Decor Buddha statue Waiting To Enhance Your House.

        Outstanding Quality

        No dealing with the QUALITY of glass statue, the brittleness of plastic, or the corrosion of metal. Our Creative Decorative Buddha statues are crafted from high-grade resin and marble dust that feels impressively heavy and exudes an expensive look without any of the drawbacks. Treat yourself to a idols that will never rust even if placed in the bathroom, and won’t easily color faded as others do. And be sure to treat that loved one to a set too! This peaceful idol will be a total hit.

        Makes a Memorable Gift

        Treat someone special to an original MARINER'S Creation Buddha statues. It makes an ideal gift for hosts &amp; hostesses, couples, and friends| Bring to a party | Shower | Housewarming | Wonderful Engagement | Wedding | Anniversary Present | Great Birthday | Thank you | Holiday Gift

        Enhance your space with a touch of effortless elegance with the ultra-durable MARINER'S CREATION Buddha idols.

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    Brings Peace and Harmony

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    Special Features

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        </p>Suitable for the precious and elegant decorative figurine in the Drawing Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Car, Showroom, Shop, Interior Decoration Showpiece.With these religious sculptures, you can add an element of inspiration and positive energy to each of your favorite spaces.Everyone in this world needs peace and harmony and seeing this statue in your home reminds you of the fundamental goal of Buddhism which is peace. Not only peace in this world but peace in all worlds. The Buddha taught that the first step on the path to peace is understanding the causality of peace.

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    Made of Finest Polyresin

        </p>Add oodles of style to your home with this beautiful colored antique blessed Buddha crafted out from selected polyresin quality material.In addition, this amazing posture of Lord Buddha will surely bring peace to your home and will surely enhance the look of your home in all the right ways.

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    Which way should a Buddha statue be placed

        The altar and the statue should face the east. Additionally, while arranging the altar, try to adhere to the following points: The statue should not be in a place where a person's feet might point towards it.

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    Buddha Statue

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        </p>To your Buddhist friends on the occasion of Buddhist New Year, Vesak (Buddha Day), Magha Puja Day (Fourfold Assembly or Sangha Day), Asalha Puja Day (Dhamma Day), Uposatha (Observance Day), Kathina Ceremony (Robe offering ceremony), Abhidhamma Day, Songkran, Loy Krathong (Festival of Floating Bowls), The Ploughing Festival, The Elephant Festival, The Festival of the Tooth celebrated all over the world.Peaceful gift for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Anniversary to a Couple, Husband, Wife, Mom, Sister, Teachers, Birthday, Friend, Brother, Sister, Wedding, Office Colleagues, Dad, Daughter, Engagement, Employees, Elder, Father, House Warming Ceremony, Love Marriage, In-Laws, Lover, Parents, Pregnant Women, Retirement, Relatives, Students, Secret Santa, Teenage, Teacher Valentines Day.

Enhance your home decor with the classy showpiece of gautam buddha head statue. This symbol of peace is a beautiful addition to your living room, bedroom, office as this posture speaks of serenity and calmness at its best and will only give you positives vibes every time you look at it
PACKAGING- 5ply carton box with a thermocol box for safe carriage
Perfect product for gift on the occasion of wedding, birthday, anniversary. office parties, house warming


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