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godrej cupboard The Solimo Polaris Engineered Wood Dressing Table is elegantly designed with smooth, curvilinear edges and has a sleek imperial teak finish. Made using premium quality, engineering wood, the table undergoes multiple tests to ensure durability and safety. The table includes a long mirror to provide a full-body view while dressing and storage shelves for keeping toiletries and makeup. The table allows easy cleaning with its humidity, stains and hot-water resistant structure. It also saves space as you can easily store a stool in the hollow base without taking up extra floor area. Additionally, it is made without harmful chemicals or toxic substances, making it a safe addition to your dressing area. It also includes a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Smooth, curvilinear edges for enhanced aesthetics and protection against scrapes and cuts
Sleek wenge finish which gives it a glossy look and makes it easy to clean
Well-fitted, long mirror for convenient full-body view
Spacious storage shelves for keeping everyday essentials like toiletries, make-up, etc.
Hollow base provides extra leg room and space for putting stool, ottoman, etc.
Durable materials tested for resistance against humidity, stains and hot water


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