Adorn India Hypnos Engineered Wood Box Storage with Back Cushion King Size Bed (Without Mattress)

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    Product Description 

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         About Us  

        <p class="description"> Adorn India is one of the most trusted Brands bringing you the best prices and widest selection of furniture and home decor since 2001, Whether you're looking for traditional, contemporary, or modern designs, shop online for affordable furniture that fits your lifestyle. We are determined to deliver quality material, coming up with in-trend-and-beyond designs. Customers are at the center of whatever we do at Adorn India . We ensure that we get the right customer solution in all our initiatives. We establish a long-term relationship with every customer and aim to delight them in every interaction. We aim to set the global benchmark for customer happiness scores. Today, we understand that we’re here not just to sell well-designed products. We’re here to help you create spaces that mirror who you are. At Adorn India, we want you to discover the joy of creating. Starting with your home. We want you to think of the setting up of a space as an energizing, creative pursuit. To breathe life into empty rooms with your ideas. To take a few square feet of nothing, and transform it into something beautiful. </p> 

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                  Elegant Design  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> Adorn India Queen Size Bed has a modern minimalistic design which makes it compatible with a wide range of interiors. The classy color and shape of the bed frame and Upholstered headboard, further enhance its appearance, making it an ideal addition to any bedroom. </p> 

                  Spacious Box Storage  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> The Adorn India Hypnos Engineered Wood Queen size Bed comes equipped with a convenient and spacious box storage for storing clothes, toys, bedding and more. </p> 

                  Strong &amp; Durable Engineered wood  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> Engineered wood is a long-lasting natural material that can last for a long period with minimum care.With both side Laminate enhance its appearance. </p> 

                  Termite &amp; Borer resistant  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> During its manufacturing process, each plank of engineered wood is put through a high-temperature procedure that allows for resistance towards termites and borers. </p> 

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                  Hassle free Assembly  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> All the fitting instruction manual , tools and hardware are provided in the box you don't need to purchase any thing from out side but if you not able to fit the bed than you can take a local carpenter to fit the bed. </p> 

                  Durability &amp; instructions  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> Our Product servicing is Only for 1 year but we use good quality materials if you follow the instructions than bed will last more than 10 years Ensure that you do not allow any liquid or hot items to be kept directly on the wooden surface; Keep a check on all the fittings and re-tighten if necessary to ensure that the fitting. make sure you do not drag or pull the bed. </p> 

                  Easy to clean  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> Adorn India understands customer concern about the cleaning, that's why we have Designed the bed in finest way that is very easy to clean and maintain. </p> 

                  Customer Support  
                 <p class="a-size-small"> Please reach us regarding any query related to product on Amazon Customer Support. Will reach out to you within 24 hours. </p> 

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   <br>Material: Engineered Wood, Finish: sunmica. (without mattress) Recommended Mattress Size: 75x60 inches ; Upholstered Backrest with framework covered in leatherette.<br>HASSLE-FREE DELIVERY AND ASSEMBLY : Easy Do It Yourself assembly. All tools and hardware provided in box.<br>Warranty: 1 year service warranty<br>Comes with spacious box storage for storing clothes, toys, linens, etc.


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