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New Delhi: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, on Wednesday (November 11), reacted to a viral video, in which a woman repeatedly slaps a man for using social media platform Facebook, which can get really addictive. 

The man in the video is Maneesh Sethi, a San Franciso-based blogger who is also the founder of a wearable tech startup Pavlok. Sethi had reportedly hired a woman for slapping him every time he used Facebook. 

The woman named Kara was reportedly hired through a US classified portal named Craigslist. She was paid approximately $8 an hour for the job that just involved slapping the person working next to her for spending too much time on the social media platform. 

In a blog post, Sethi said that he was able to increase his productivity to 98% from 35-40% by hiring a woman for slapping him. The experiment was conducted nine years ago by Sethi. 

However, the unique move to increase productivity has now caught the attention of Musk. In his reply to Sethi’s tweet, the billionaire sent two fire emojis, leaving the blogger impressed. 

Within no time, Sethi replied to Musk saying, “I’m the guy in this picture. Is @elonmusk giving me two emojis the highest I’ll ever reach? Is this my icarus flying too close to the sun moment? Was that implied by the fire symbols Elon posted? Time will tell”. Also Read: Growth to exceed 10% in FY22 on strong agri recovery: Niti VC Rajiv Kumar

In another tweet that followed the first day, Sethi said, “First nomad list, then Elon emojiing my slapping story, today’s just my day isn’t it.” Indeed, it appears that Musk has really made Sethi’s day. Also Read: Paytm IPO allotment status: Here’s how to check bid’s status, allotment date

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