I Have 10,000 bitcoins. How Can I Cash Them Out?

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At present, the easiest and feasible way to cash in bitcoin is through over-the-counter trading
Until now, those who can hold a lot of are not only those who are firm believers, but also those who can’t trade. The earlier buyers tend to keep an eye on the trend of the market and trade from time to time, so they are easily tempted to sell dozens of times.

So judgment and style are important.
There are many factors that can increase your return on investment:

1. The spread of Bitcoin on different exchanges
2. Triangle arbitrage of tokens with relatively good liquidity
3. The wide price difference, active trading arbitrage
4. Futures hedging and arbitrage.
5. Leveraged strategy trading

I can use IXX, can flexibly enlarge 100 times.
Bitcoin has been recognized as a commodity by the state, so it should be recognized as a gain from its appreciation.
A few thousand COINS dispersed to a few mainstream platforms is not a lot, it will not cause any impact.
If it is your investment income, and afraid of what, the right is not afraid of the shadow skew.
If you have the money, the time, the channels, and everything is ready, I suggest you choose to invest the principal, such as (IXX), low threshold, no pressure at all.
Invest in order to maintain sufficient law, do not order frequently, seize the effective time advantage.
If the conversion through the time ratio, the opening time of European and American markets as long as all concentrated in the evening, and this period of time in the trading market is the most valuable trading space, because the market is more active at this time, investors can choose their own ideal price to do long or short.

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