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Making an insurance provider pay for hospital bills is a better approach to avoid paying them out of pocket. And, in order to do so, you’ll need a health insurance plan with enough coverage to pay your hospitalised costs.

The premium for a health insurance plan is paid to the insurance company on an annual basis, based on the quantity of coverage (sum insured) you want to keep. The insurer pays the hospital at the time of hospitalisation or the occurrence of the insured event, so the policyholder does not have to worry about medical expenditures.

Unlike term insurance, which is required for the family’s breadwinner, health insurance is recommended for all family members. Individual health insurance plans, Family Floater plans, and even Critical Illness health insurance are available to pick from.

Individual health insurance plans, often known as Mediclaim plans, are the most frequent type of health insurance plan. They pay for hospital expenditures if you stay in the hospital for at least 24 hours, as well as certain day-care treatments.

Meanwhile, there are several advanced procedures to treat lower back pain.

Dr SK Rajan, Head, Spine Surgery, Agrim institute of Neurosciences, Artemis Hospital says it can be diagnosed based on the medical history, symptoms, hereditary risk factors, physical examination and diagnostic tests are required to confirm the condition. Radiology tests including X-rays, CT Scan and MRI are helpful in identifying the structure of the vertebrae and outline of the joints. These imaging techniques help the surgeons have a detailed view of the spinal canal, its content and the structures around it. 3 D imaging produced through MRI are also helpful in analyzing the nerve roots, adjacent areas, any enlargements, degeneration or tumors.

While medication and physical therapy remain the first line of treatment module, surgical intervention is only preferred when these fails to provide relief.


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