Amity University student carjackers attack Noida Sector 62 dies akshay kalra

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Image Source : INDIA TV Amity University student attacked by carjackers near Noida Sector 62, dies

A 25-year-old Amity University student was attacked by carjackers and robbed of his car near Noida Sector 62 on Wednesday. Akshay Kalra, the victim, was waylaid by a group of at least three persons and dragged out of his Creta Wednesday night. According to the police, the injury above his right eyebrow indicated that he was repeatedly attacked by a hard and blunt object.

Akshay, who was a Thalassemia patient, died around 9 pm Friday night. Till the evening, he was conscious. He had suffered a lot of blood loss.

According to the police, Akshay had left his house around 10.45 pm on Wednesday for a drive in his Hyundai Creta. His father, a senior executive of LIC Kanpur, spoke to him around 9.30 pm. 

“He wanted to go for a car ride and asked his mother to accompany him but she refused. So he went off alone. Around 12.30 am, we received a call from police that he had been found severely injured and lying unconscious on the road. We informed them that he was in his Creta but they said there was no car around. I requested them to take him to the hospital,” his father said. 

Before losing consciousness, Akshay told them he had been assaulted multiple times with a pistol’s butt and hit on the head, his chest and his ribcage. The accused then dumped him near the D park of Sector 62.

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