Air India finalises new protocol to resume inflight meal, beverage service

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NEW DELHI: Air India has drawn up a detailed protocol for onboard meal and beverage service as it is set to resume the same shortly. A separate standard operating procedure (SOP) has been worked out for inflight service on ultra long, long and medium haul flights. Hot meals and beer (in cans) will be served on international flights. Short routes with a flying time of up to 60 minutes will keep small (200 ml) water bottles and single use disposable units of juice in aircraft galley.
“As distribution of meals will result in passengers taking off their masks, the service and clearance must commence from the farthest point in each zone and conclude in the respective galley…. Special care should be taken while handling used items, ensuring minimal touch and cross contamination… For clearance, after appropriate announcement use a garbage bag and follow the same row wise sequence as is done for the service,” AI’s revised SOP says.
On Boeing aircraft — B777, B787 and B747 that are used for North America, Europe, Australia and Far East flights — a snack box with water bottle will be placed on passenger seats by the caterer across all classes. Tetra Pack Juice, Soft Drink & Beer Cans will be stocked in each galley. Cashew and almond packets in first class and business; and peanut packets in economy class will be given.
“Welcome drinks for first/business class will be premium assorted juice, uplifted as single use disposable units… For hot meal service, the menu and boxes will be same across all classes,” the AI SOP said, adding, “As snack boxes are placed on passenger seats, hot meal and beverage service is to be conducted about three to four hours prior to landing, depending on the flying time.”
“With the aviation ministry’s approval, it has been decided to amend the existing provisions of SOP for Air India evacuation flights (Vande Bharat)… As per (ministry) guidelines, minimum interaction between crew and passengers to be maintained. Tea/coffee Service on demand in disposable cups. Minimal time to be spent in the cabin. There will be no pouring service and beverages will be served in single use disposable units,” it says.

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