4 Fastest-Growing Tech Industries in India in 2022!

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The Indian Stock Market has opened on a strong note in 2022 with reclaiming 18k points and hovering over 61k points. The different stock brokerage firms have already started publishing their best picks for the year for the stock investors.

Of all the anticipated best sectors to watch out for in 2022, technology stocks still rank on the top. However, in today’s era, technology has not only limited to the Information technology or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. Lot many industries have grown rapidly in the Tech field where companies are working tirelessly and the shareholders can make good returns if they capitalize on this opportunity.

Here is the list of a few of the fastest-growing technology industries and a few top stocks in these industries to watch out for in 2022.

1) Drone Technology

A drone is an unmanned vehicle that looks like a mini aircraft. They are also known as unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs). Whether it’s for lifting goods, defense, or food delivery, there are companies in India that are rigorously working on drone technologies. The drone stocks are expected to gain momentum in the near future.

A few of the top Indian companies that are working on drone technology in India are Paras Defence, Infoedge India, Zomato, Zen Technologies, and RattanIndia Enterprises.

(Source: Trade Brains Portal)

2) Semiconductors

The semiconductors companies are in a lot of demand lately and have seen shortages in most of the industries. These are the components needed for manufacturing cars, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, personal computers, laptops, mobiles, etc. 

A few of the top Semiconductor stocks in Indian that investors should watch out for are Moschip Technologies, ASM Tech, SPEL Semiconductor and Ruttonsha International Rectifier.

3) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence by machines, especially computer systems. These allow tasks earlier required manpower to be performed in lesser time and with greater accuracy. AI stocks are not only a great investment for the future but also could be a game-changer for the Indian economy. It is expected that AI has the potential to make up 15% of India’s current gross value in 2035 or $957 billion. 

A few top companies working on AI in the Indian stock market are Tata Elxsi, Happiest Minds (NS:), Affle India Ltd, Oracle (NYSE:), Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd, Persistent Systems (NS:), and Bosch (NS:).

4) Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet. It is how we describe the digitally connected universe of everyday physical devices. The IoT will revolutionize everything around us and will offer facilities like Smart Cities, Smart homes, smart factories, and Connected vehicles everywhere.

The year 2022 may witness massive IoT development in India and it may be the time for the investors to start focussing on the companies that are based or working on IoT technology. A few of the top companies working on IoT themes in India are Bosch, ABB (NS:), Siemens (NS:), Schneider Electric (PA:), Honeywell (NASDAQ:), Tata Elxsi Ltd (NS:), Pricol Ltd, and Minda Industries Ltd.

In this article, we looked into four of the fastest growing technology industries in India where investors can capitalize in 2022. Do let me which industry you are most bullish about, in the below comment box. Happy investing.

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